The teach-in lathes range is conceived to ease and optimize the work’s capacity of the traditional single pulley lathes operators in the machining of small and medial series of pieces.

With the teach-in lathes “TORGIM TL” range the operator is able, through the use of electronic handwheels, other hand controls and a control unity, whether to execute manual conventional turnings with visualized quotas and continuous selection of feeds or to carry out complex works following the driven programming and simple graphic editor.
A teach-in lathe is a versatile machine, it can work both in self teaching and in CNC with CAD/CAM; it’s possible to program and to work pieces as for a CNC machine but with very low time for tooling, they are similat to conventional lathes ( manual self centering chuck, simple tailstock).
It’s a perfect machine for lots of 3 and more pieces, it’s very comfortable to make single pieces because programming is very easy.
Once you have obtained the working program it is possible to verify it with a graphic cycle check. To carry out more complex operations it is also possible to work in CNC modality with standard ISO language. The filing of programs into a peripherial unit is given through a RS232 transfer unit, memory card or USB key.


Watch our video of Torgim Teach-in lathes with C axis

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The following table is a quick recap of our standard machines technical data. The project office can develop special machines for special customer working.

DataTL 280TL 300TL 350TL 400TL 450TL 500
height of centres mm280300350400450500
width of bed mm380380415415550550
swing over bed Ø mm6006307308259401040
Ø spindle hole mm111111133133160160
speed spindle range RPM25-180025-1800100-1500100-15004-10404-1040
motor power kW151518,518,53030
distance between centres mm1500-40001500-40001500-50001500-50002000-50002000-5000
approssimative net weight kg 3200-41003300-42004200-55504450-57507600-90007600-9600