Torgim lathes revamping and retrofitting is a service that we have developped during the years either to satisfy the grooving request of conforming the machines to the safety rules in force or to offer a product with Italian quality and a lower cost.

This line of business permits us to recover products at this point obsolete and to place them like new again on the market with our warranty.

Every single component of the machine is disassembled and checked; every part, also very little worn, is replaced availing of all the original spare parts.

Furthermore, we retrofit also flat bad lathes of every brand with eight of centers upper than 400mm, designing and modifying original machine to meet new and more efficient tecnologies.

All workings are carried out in our company; design could also mean to make new groups and new axis (bed, carriages, slides, adaptors, supports, flat and conical gibs, complete custom design fairing machines).

Also for revamping, all machines are tested with high accuracy following actual rules.


TORGIM 500x2000  TORGIM 300x2000


Retrofitting turning/grinding ball lathe SAFOP BALLMATIC 48"