sede_webThe productive unit, with office at Magnago (MI), 15 Km from the Malpensa airport, has wide dimensions that ease the management, the handling and the working of pieces with considerable volumetric dimensions.

It lays on an industrial area easily reachable from  Malpensa aiport freeway.

The productive cycle is nearly entirely made in our unit by the disposal of many machines in continuos technologic updating.

There are the following departments:


  • assembly
  • beds milling and grinding
  • carriages and little carriages milling and grinding
  • internal/external cylindrical grinding (shafts, spindles and gears)
  • CNC boring
  • conventional  and CNC turning
  • lead screws threadings
  • horizontal and vertical broaching
  • drilling
  • CNC milling
  • gears cutting
  • material bars cutting
  • rough and semimachined materials store
  • Exchange parts store