The Torgim firm carries out grinding mechanical machinings on behalf of third on pieces of varied dimensions (length from 2000 to 9200 mm, width from 550 to 1950 mm, height from 700 to 1950 mm).

Our operators have acquired a notable luggage of experience in the machining of tables, cast-iron and steel beds, rear beds, pilot pins, carriages, main saddles and bedframes for pallet of milling, boring and boring and milling machines besides lathes beds.

When the work is completed, scrupulous inspections are always performed using the most modern measuring instrument in trade, as electronic levels, profilometers and marble lines, to verify parallelisms, flatness and warpings.

We finally advise that through the numerous machines at our disposal and the flexibility of our labours, we could be able to furnish a fast answer to any requirement of delivery in rapid times of pieces.
We stay to yours complete disposition for possible explanations and to satisfy any offer request.