TORGIM 280/300 distinguished itself for the large structure, the covered guides, the hardened bed, the natural gap and the ease of use.

The bed is covered on the whole length and has sturdy structure with stiffening ribs that assure an absolute undeformability. It is melted in special cast-iron Meehanite, it is distensioned in bracket, and its slide guides are largely sized, induction hardened and carefully ground in such a way as to maintain an absolute precision to the surface. Very useful is the natural gap allowing to work very large pieces typical of bigger machines which are less maneageble.

The head, melted in special Meehanite cast-iron and stabilized, largely sized, rigidly fixed to the bed assures the complete absence of vibrations. All the gears, made of steel Cr.Ni. hardened and ground on the involute profile too, rotate on high precision bearings.  The spindle shaft is a forged one, it is full worked, bored, turned and pack-hardened. The hydraulic clutch and brake have external adjustments and a manometer allows the constant control of the hydraulic pressure. In this manner the machine can be adjusted according to any single requirement. The oil tank is placed in the inferior part of the head offering a quicker cooling.

Data :

  • spindle bore 105 mm
  • distance between centre up to 4000 mm
  • turning diametre in the gap 790 mm
  • 24 spindle speed